Saturday, 13 September 2014

Fez-man Needs you!

The new Fez!

Hello all,
one of the joys of planning and running events is overcoming the problems that are thrown at you - such as having your venue suddenly say they are refurbishing for two months, and can't guarantee that they will be finished before your event date. As such, I've put 'Flames of Fez' and 'Bolt Action Fez' back to December,

A full weekend of wargaming:

'Flames of Fez' - Kursk 1945

Event page here!

Is now on the 13th December 2014, and is a Flames of War mega tank battle - Have you ever wanted to field an entire T34 company? Or a full platoon of Jagdtigers? Then this is the event for you! With no points limit, and all the players on one board, it promises to be a great day, I hope to see you there - I'm looking forward to breaking out all the big cats (and some Maus as well!). With prizes for the longest range, highest number and underdog kills, its promising to be a great fun day.

Don't play Flames of War? Then come down and play on the spare Bolt Action boards, and make a weekend of it! The gaming hall will be open for all to come enjoy the atmosphere.

Only 5? I'll have the other two painted up for the event!

'Bolt Action Fez' - Kusk 1945

Event page here

Is now on the Sunday, 14th December 2014, and is a Bolt Action mega Tank Battle - With the release of the new 'Tank War' book, everyone has lots of tanks - why not bring them down for this mega battle? I'll have my entire company of Panthers, and Paul 'Tuffskull' Townsend will have a company of T34's, but this is just the start! Bring your tanks down and lets set a record for the largest number of 28m tanks in a single game. We've also got amazing prize support from Warlord Games, so it will be a great day!

Want to see these built and panted and blowing up T34's? I know I do!

Don't play Bolt Action? Come use the spare tables to play games of Flames of war!

Tickets are £10 for each main event, and £5 for open gaming - all proceeds are going to the Guildford Games Club.

What are you guys going to bring?


Sunday, 7 September 2014

So much happening in so little time!

Hello again,
Looks like I owe you guys another apology, two months with no posts...

But what a two months! I've been taking physio to recover from the accident, although the repairs on the bike have taken forever.

I also attended the Breakthrough Assault one-dayer, and should have a AAR for that up shortly. Then I went to the craziest 4 days in gaming on the planet - Gen Con. I'm putting together the report for that as well.

Breakthrough Assaults one dayer-including levitating tables!

My 1780pt Bridge by Bridge list
Combine that with starting my pilots license proper, my dad turning 60 and I've not had a whole heap of time to blog.
My 'First Solo' Picture
Some where along the line I also became the owner of 23 Warlord Panthers, for my 'Bolt Action Fez' Game.

So... Many.... Tanks.....
That concludes the sneakpeeks of the posts to come, along with my 'road to Warfare 2014'!

Thanks for reading,