Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Product Review - Anarchy Models HD Stencil System

Time for a speedy review!

Having known Brian over at Anarchy Models for a few years now (I'll be helping him his stand at Salute this year, so please do come say hello!) I obviously helped back his Kickstarter for his stencils. I then promptly started painting everything that didn't need stencils... Until I started my Desperate Measures list for Breakthrough Assault. While on one of our 'Random Hobby Adventures' I convinced Brian to make a bespoke 15mm scale 'disc cammo' - formed from using metal discs welded together as stencil:

Disc Cammo Stug!

The stencils peel easily from the sheet

I started by spraying the whole model green - when using these stencils, you have to paint 'back to front' - the top colour first. This is unusual, and takes some getting used to!

Its like painting, only backwards!!
The stencils apply easily, gently stretching over the raised details. I was worried the zimmerit on the Jagdpanthers would be an issue, but there were no problems. After covering all the areas I wanted to keep green, I sprayed the areas I wanted brown discs on, and applied the stencils again.

Curves posing a problem?

Gently press to shape with a cocktail stick!

Mmmm, spotty. Blue tacing onto a lollypop stick really helped with not dropping them!

When all the areas you want to have cammo are stencilled up, its time to apply the base colour - the age old favourite Dunklegelb!

Now for the fun bit! When dry, carefully peel off the stencils to reveal your lovely disc-cammo!

Try not to scrape the paint....

Ta dah! I used too thick a final coat, which gave the lip on the green. Using a lighter coat of paint stops this!

I really like the final effect - I applied too much of a too thin final coat of yellow, which gave a slight lip to some of the discs - practise will prevent this (and it rubbed down ok too).

I had minimal bleed with these, and I believe that the tiny bit I did have was due to me using too thin a paint mix. With a bit more practise, this will be resolved.

The stencils stuck easily, and had plenty of tack left after use if I had more models to use them on - The trick is to apply from model to model, don't try to stick them back on the paper, as the tack will dry up.

If I did these again, I would use more brown areas to cover more space, but its a practise thing.

Its so much easier than it looks, I recommend to anyone that's interested to give it a go! If you are really unsure, Brian is also running airbrush lessons at the SnM stuff shop to guide you through it.

10/10 Fez's couldn't be better!!

Cheers for reading - Fez

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