Saturday, 23 November 2013

Apocafez 2013

Well, just about relaxed from another great event at the Guildford Games Club!

The Boyz

I've been running Apocalypse games at the GGC and Warhammer World since it was first released, and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. The idea is simple - play a massive game of 40K, with everything painted! The painted rule is to inspire people to get their models finished for the next event, and the guys have jumped in on this whole heartedly.

Today's game was the first in the campaign to decide the fate of the planet Kendo - the world where both my Imperial Guard and Space Marine armies are stationed in their 'Fluff', or back story.
The forces of Chaos planned their invasion after having watched the movie Battleship, deciding to land their forces at sea, and then form a beachhead by capturing a deep sea port. This is where the battle takes place - the Imperials holding the ruined city and defensive strong point, with the forces of Chaos pressing at either side (The land base force represents an outflanking strike force that will not get reinforcements).

The objectives were the Marine statue in the city, and the orbital defense laser (which needed to be captured, not destroyed).

Due to the mobile nature of the engagement, it was decided that no superheaves could be deployed - this game the game a nice twist to our normal super-heavy-slogfest.

The reserves would come in at various sides, to maximise the area of gamespace that was the 'frontline'.

The game was a blast, with lots of too-ing and fro-ing over the objectives, some lucky shots, and some very unlucky shots (look out for the Avatar who survived a Vortex Missile strike). In the end, with the defense laser surrounded, with a lone Imperial Guard commander inside, and the statue having the contesting chaos forces driven off, it was a narrow Imperial victory. Having slowed the Chaos invasion, it will be time for them to counter attack the invaders next!

Thanks all for the great game, enjoy the photodump!