Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Spot of Dystopian Wars

During our games night at the club, we decided to dust off our Dystopian Wars, and throw some exploding dice in anger!

Rather than settle for another 'boring' slug-fest of sinking, we put the new (to us) troopship/titanic model to good use, and have it carrying a scientist who is defecting to the Antarticans. As such, the Antarticans/Australians had to keep him safe, and the Prussians had to board and seize the ship.

New models, so please excuse the 'Ghost fleet' bare resin!
The Australians deployed in convoy around the Troopship, with the Prussians along the long board edge, with the Antarticans rushing to the rescue from the short edge that the Troopship needed to escape across.

The game was full of the usual (for us) Spartan silliness, with mass boardings, accidental ramming (Both Dave and I managed to park in front of the troopship, sinking one of my frigates!).
Das Boot!
Other than looking forward to a V2 rulebook, without the oft documented errors (its a jumble, hard to use tome that its very easy to get lost in!), we all enjoyed the variety provided by the new models - the Speershelere-er-er-rour (that's how we pronounced it anyhow) bombarding crash diving sub was a lot of fun - Until it met its demise at the hands of tiny bombers!

Hiding behind the objective - pitiful!
The end result? After many explosions and dead marines floating on the water, the troop ship was successfully claimed for the Prussian Navy (along with a few other Antartican ships too!). The game cards were used for the first time too, and really gave a new twist to the action, prompting boarding actions that would otherwise have been ill advised, or getting an extra round of shooting in before leaping aboard.

We're all excited again by DW, and will be getting more paint on the models soon!


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Return to Warhammer 40k - 6th Edition

Apocafez re-kindled my joy in Warhammer 40k, reminding me of the fun I had as a staffie in the Guildford store. Since the new ruleset came out, I've not made the effort to learn it - I knew 5th Ed like the back of my hand, and all the changes seemed like too much effort at the time, so I moved on to pastures new (Flames of War, Dystopian Wars, Infinity).
Still, having far too many armies (50k+ of Imperial Guard, Marines, Eldar, Orks, Tyranids) that I've invested time and alot of money in, I thought it was time to dip my toe back in the 40k pool.

So it was last Monday night that 1000pts of 'Da Bloody Fistz' squared off against the finest the pointy eared Eldar could bring, ably commanded by Alex 'Axle Foley' Foyster. His beautifully painted army contrasted with my foundationpaintandbadabblackwash speed painted orks. You can see more of Alex's Eldar at the HobbyBrush, here.

We rolled corner to corner deployment, with multiple objectives (I finally got to use the objective token set I bought when the rulebook was released).

Shock-attak!! Who doesn't want to teleport snotlings inside people??
Alex got the first turn, but luckily his shooting was rubbish, with his shots either bouncing off cover, or failing to pen the AV10 vehicles.

Then the objective I was sitting on with grotz and my Big Mek with shock attack gun exploded. It was a booby-trapped objective. This caused me to fail the Ld test, and off ran my Grotz and big mek. No shock attack gun for me turn one. Grrr.

Stomp Stomp Stomp
The rest of the game played out with massive swings of luck both ways - The shock attack gun finally hitting some juicy squads, causing them to flee off the table, and the Eldar shooting killing ork unit after ork unit.

Deff from da skies!
The rules themselves seem a tad smoother than 5th ed, although the sheer number of 'universal rules' got a bit overwhelming, and I'm sure we forgot some of them. It certainly felt a lot more 'cinematic', if more random - I could have lost my warlord turn one if the objective was closer to my board edge.

Would have rammed him too - if I had paid for the red paint.....
It was a lot of fun, although the old style Apocalypse games (with 175K+ a side) feel like they are no longer viable, as there is just too many rules.

Shock-attack-and-flee..... again!
The game swung either way turn after turn, with the final run move of my Ork boyz failing to move them into capturing range of the primary objective - this meant that neither of us had captured any objectives, so it was on to the secondary objectives - at this point both our warlords were dead, Alex had scored first blood with the war buggy, but I had a scoring unit in his half of the board, meaning it was still a tie!

The Burna Boyz mess up the green onez dat smell funny

Lotz choppin - a propper scrap!
We both had a blast, but with the constant release of new lists/codex/units in multiple formats, competitive tournaments will be a nightmare. Is this a bad thing?

Game ends!
I think sometimes people expect too much of game systems. Games Workshop has taken 40K firmly into the 'fun' game category, where you cannot get too wound up if a few dice rolls swing the battle against you. I'm looking forward to dusting off more armies, and playing different scenarios. How have you found 6th Edition 40k? Comments always welcome!


Road to Breakthrough (Assault 2) pt1

Well, once I heard those guys over at Breakthrough Assault were hosting their own tournament in February, and it would be down south, I had to join in the fun. But what to take!?

1750pts late-war. So many choices!

  • U.S Airborne Easy Company (using those plastic openfire guys)
  • Estonian S.S 
  • Schwere Panzers (king-tiger-riffic)
  • Kampfe groupe Brinkman/Swoboda/Graebner/Hummel
  • Pieper SS
  • East Front Grenadiers
  • Panzer Lehr
  • Fallschirmjager
  • Irish Guard Shermans 
  • Brit Churchills
Then my amazing girlfriend told me that she was getting me the BP44 Armoured Train for Crimbo - problem solved! 

Add the train with the plastic grenadiers from open fire, a looted T34-85, a cannon welding Stuka, some Flak36's, King-tiger and Tank Escort Stug's - and you have a list with a combination of all my favourite things. Maybe not the usual min-max list of doom, but a fun painting challenge to get the train done in two months.
Pew Pew Thomas!

I'll be blogging the journey as I did with my FJ's for Warfare Reading, hope you enjoy!


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Apocafez 2013

Well, just about relaxed from another great event at the Guildford Games Club!

The Boyz

I've been running Apocalypse games at the GGC and Warhammer World since it was first released, and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. The idea is simple - play a massive game of 40K, with everything painted! The painted rule is to inspire people to get their models finished for the next event, and the guys have jumped in on this whole heartedly.

Today's game was the first in the campaign to decide the fate of the planet Kendo - the world where both my Imperial Guard and Space Marine armies are stationed in their 'Fluff', or back story.
The forces of Chaos planned their invasion after having watched the movie Battleship, deciding to land their forces at sea, and then form a beachhead by capturing a deep sea port. This is where the battle takes place - the Imperials holding the ruined city and defensive strong point, with the forces of Chaos pressing at either side (The land base force represents an outflanking strike force that will not get reinforcements).

The objectives were the Marine statue in the city, and the orbital defense laser (which needed to be captured, not destroyed).

Due to the mobile nature of the engagement, it was decided that no superheaves could be deployed - this game the game a nice twist to our normal super-heavy-slogfest.

The reserves would come in at various sides, to maximise the area of gamespace that was the 'frontline'.

The game was a blast, with lots of too-ing and fro-ing over the objectives, some lucky shots, and some very unlucky shots (look out for the Avatar who survived a Vortex Missile strike). In the end, with the defense laser surrounded, with a lone Imperial Guard commander inside, and the statue having the contesting chaos forces driven off, it was a narrow Imperial victory. Having slowed the Chaos invasion, it will be time for them to counter attack the invaders next!

Thanks all for the great game, enjoy the photodump!